April 21, 2015

Internet Shopping 24/7 Project

The purpose of EcommerceAndMarketing.com is, ultimately, to serve as an educational resource for learning about the theory and practice of e-commerce and marketing and for bringing together people and organizations interested in e-commerce and marketing.

In addition, this website sets out to proactively "marry" together .edu and .com

"Do you .edu, promise to teach .com and practice what you preach about the .com world, and to honor and cherish .com until death do you part?

And do you .com, promise to show .edu how to have a lot of fun and let .edu join in on the fun and excitement until death do you part? "

New educational and business paradigms that are evolving as a result of the Internet and the Web should not be housed in distinct silos as that would not reflect the spirit of the Web. I believe that the Web enables a much richer relationship between the study and the practice of business. Perhaps someday, they will live as one.

Bruce D. Weinberg
E-commerce Shepherd and Founder EcommerceAndMarketing.com